The balcony floor is prefabricated and fully installation ready in the same way as other floor elements spanning cross walls.

The back wall of the balcony consists of the usual facade elements, but is without the “toe”: the part that extends downwards to cover the transition to the underlying facade elements.

The side walls are clad with mineral wool as thermal insulation (5 cm here) and covered with asbestos cement like the rest of the facade.

The thermal bridge insulation between the balcony floor and the floor behind consists of glued-on lightweight concrete, but there is no such insulation between the sides of the balcony floor and the adjacent floor.

The balcony guard is an iron structure bolted to the front edge of the balcony floor and clad with the same asbestos cement sheets as used in the rest of the facade.

Recommended literature in Danish:
H. Nissen: Modul og montagebyggeri (1975 og 1984) Tip: Skriv titlen i fritekstsøgefeltet for alle fem publikationer
Johs. Much-Petersen: Dæk- og vægelementer (1982)

Grundejernes Investeringsfond, Realdania og Byggeskadefonden