In buildings with floors constructed of hollow blocks or reinforced concrete proper, the balcony is in essence a protruding section of the storey partition. Buildings after the Second World War often have balconies that are recessed away from the facade and into the building.

In buildings with hollow block storey partitions, the transition to the balcony’s reinforced concrete typically occurs further back from the facade, as shown in the figure to the right. The balcony guard is normally of situ-cast concrete, though prefabricated versions can also be found.

The balcony’s location and construction make it relatively durable, and damage generally occurs on the guard sections that are exposed to the weather. A certain amount of condensation may occur at the transition between the outside and inside, where the solid concrete can act as a thermal bridge, but the resulting damage will typically be of a purely cosmetic nature (mould or mildew).

Recommended literature in Danish: Bygningsdel/Etageadskillelser/Altaner
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