Flat roofs can be constructed as shown here: thermal insulation consisting of a screed coat of lightweight concrete cast with a slope towards the roof drain (5-10 cm) and two layers of plastic foam sheets (10 + 3 cm), and finished with a built-up layer of roofing felt.

The thermal insulation obtained from this was sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements of the 1960s; later requirements have significantly increased.

Here, the upper gable elements are specially designed to be taller than the other elements to take account of the roof structure.

There are also buildings where the same gable elements are used in all floors, and where the finishing upwards is carried out in the same way as shown in the type 5 detail: Roof/facade.

Solutions may involve concrete, wood or steel.

Recommended literature in Danish:
H. Nissen: Modul og montagebyggeri (1975 og 1984) Tip: Skriv titlen i fritekstsøgefeltet for alle fem publikationer

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