Stairs and partitions


The most common type of (main) stairway consists of two flights of wooden stairs, where the main landings are incorporated into the joist framework. The mid-landings are also part of the joist structure, though of smaller dimensions and without pugging. Mid-landings are supported by the surrounding transverse walls.

Where a building has transverse interior walls of brick, these are supported on each side by beams in the storey partitions, though in stair enclosures this support is limited to the main landings. Consequently, the stringers must also be regarded as supporting in unison with the mid-landings.

Recommended literature in Danish:
Herholdt: Vejledning i Husbygningskunst (1877)
G.v. Huth: Vejledning i konstruktion af trætrapper (1887) Bygningsdel/Etageadskillelser/Trapper


    Grundejernes Investeringsfond, Realdania og Byggeskadefonden