Board partitions


Board partitions in residential buildings are either double or triple, indicating the number of board layers that make up the wall. Walls of this type are also called crosswise formwork, which indicates how the boards are positioned in relation to each other and the fact that they form the base formwork for the pipes/reed matting and plaster on both sides.

Triple board partitions are normally found as apartment partitions only in the “better half” of older buildings, but the connection to the surrounding parts of the building is similar to the double.

Board partitions parallel with the beams are erected on top of or up to the beam sides. They may also be placed between the beams, resting on the pugging boards. Walls positioned transversely to the beams are erected on studs spanning the beams – as shown here with two layers of boards.

Board partitions are not necessarily placed on top of each other floor-wise.

Recommended literature in Danish: Bygningsdel/Indervægge/Bræddevægge
Byggebogen: Dobbelt bræddeskillevæg (1968)

Grundejernes Investeringsfond, Realdania og Byggeskadefonden