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The apartment buildings of the 1960s differ from their forerunners in having their entire supporting structure made of concrete alone: prefabricated elements above ground and basement walls and foundations cast in situ. The building site is also crane-served.

The type shown here became the most prevalent: Floor elements span load-bearing and stiffening transverse partitions and a few stabilising and longitudinal partitions.
Longitudinal exterior walls (facades) are non-load-bearing. They can be constructed as light or heavy structures or as combinations thereof. Load-bearing exterior walls (the gables here) are constructed of sandwich elements. However, they can also occur with brick facing.
Non-load-bearing interior walls are of lightweight concrete. Windows have two layers of glass in coupled frames, though later occur with double glazing in single frames.
The roof is shown as flat (built-up roof), which is typical for early buildings, but raised roofs also occur and become more widespread over time.

Recommended literature in Danish::
H. Nissen: Modul og montagebyggeri (1975 og 1984) Tip: Skriv titlen i fritekstsøgefeltet for alle fem publikationer
Johs. Munch-Petersen: Dæk- og vægelementer (1982)


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