"Copenhagen roof"


The "Copenhagen roof" can be compared to a saddle roof in which the collar beams become an almost horizontal roof surface. It can also be constructed with horizontal “rafters” spanning longitudinal beams supported by the sloping rafters.

As the name suggests, it is most common in Copenhagen. Towards the street the rafters are saddled over a half-timber construction and towards the courtyard over a wall plate, or else are set directly on top of the beams.

The (almost) horizontal surface was originally zinc-covered, but was later covered with asphalt felt in many cases. The sloping surfaces are usually covered with slate.

The structure requires transverse support in the form of walls.

Recommended literature in Danish:
Kaare Kristensen: Tømrerarbejde (1920)
Danskbyggeskik.dk: Bygningsdel/tage og tagværker/københavnertag
Byggebogen: Zinktag (1949)

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