Longitudinal partitions


Reinforced longitudinal walls are crucial to the building’s longitudinal stability. They are non-load-bearing and, depending on their length, reinforcement of the entire wall may be necessary.

As with transverse walls, the weight of overlying floors must not stress the floors with vertical loading. Therefore, not only are such walls tamped above the floor, but “padding” must also be performed under the floor, and this occurs in connection with normal casting in floor intersections.

Longitudinal, purely stabilising walls are often limited to being used as staircase walls parallel to the facade. Short walls such as these are anchored with strong (pre-stressed) reinforcement throughout all floors to a longer basement wall.

Recommended literature in Danish:
H. Nissen: Modul og montagebyggeri (1975 og 1984) Tip: Skriv titlen i fritekstsøgefeltet for alle fem publikationer
Johs. Much-Petersen: Dæk- og vægelementer (1982)

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