Om portalen

About the portal

Building models and details

This portal contains digital 3D models of and details from multi-storey buildings from the period 1850-2000. The models and details are sought representative based on authentic building examples and existing literature. Real buildings will often be more ranged.

The purpose with the portal is to give the users – pupils/students, lecturers, technical consultants, craftsmen and others with an interest in Danish building culture – an easy understandable and useful insight in, how Danish buildings were constructed during the period. The selection of the details is based on their special composition – and are therefore often complex in joints and material compositions.

The portal offers a virtual opportunity to study the selected building details closely, and are a fine supplement to examine real buildings – or a useful alternative, when this is impossible

The 'sister-portal contains a large amount of written information, images and illustrations, which supports the knowledge about the models and details at this portal, and together these digital encyclopedias gives a unique insight of Danish construction practice through 150 years.

All the detail-models are shown as originals, but some of the are also shown as “changed twins” with examples of reparation and changes required by damage og refurbishment reasons. The examples are only for inspiration and displayed without responsibility for the parties behind the portal.

Users are offered free access to the portal and its contents, and commercial use of the contents are therefore not allowed. Printing and copying of the contents are only allowed with source reference. is developed as an element of the “Projekt Den Gode Håndværker” (The Good Craftsmen), which was a previous initiative to develop courses for Danish craftsmen with interests in building culture and traditional crafts.

Photo: sbs/Graves Simonsen