Sandwich elements are typically used in gable structures in early prefabricated multi-storey housing. In principle, this type of outer wall simply consists of standard wall elements (except reinforced to support outer slabs), upon which an outer concrete slice is mounted to cover a thermal insulation layer of pressure-resisting mineral wool.

In terms of loading, the assembly and installation are similar to that for transverse walls, except with regards to reinforcement, which is determined by it being an end wall and not symmetrically loaded.

As for its function as an outer wall, the joints are designed so that penetrating water is captured and led away, partly by two-step grouting and partly by designing the vertical element edges with sloping, downward-pointing grooves – so-called "washboards".

Equally applicable to this model as to the others shown is that reinforcement is the principle factor, but dimension, number, placement and joints are configured on the basis of calculations in each case; these are detailed in the individual construction projects.

Recommended literature in Danish:
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