Stairs and partitions


The predominant stair type is the two-flight staircase; in its simplest form this consists of main and mid-landings and flights. All three elements are delivered from the factory fully installation ready and with finished upper/tread surfaces of terrazzo.

In principle, the main landings are laid onto load-bearing transverse walls in the same way as other floor elements.

Mid-landings are laid onto concrete dowels cast into wall elements.

Flights are free-spanning between main and mid-landings.

In later buildings, concrete dowels for supporting mid-landings are replaced with drilled-in steel mandrels for manufacturing reasons.

Recommended literature in Danish:
H. Nissen: Modul og montagebyggeri (1975 og 1984) Tip: Skriv titlen i fritekstsøgefeltet for alle fem publikationer
Johs. Much-Petersen: Dæk- og vægelementer (1982)

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