Where dormers in residential properties are found to be degraded in their main structure, they will usually be replaced with new prefabricated dormers which do not necessarily respect the appearance of the original.

As a general rule, dormers reflect the architectural style of the building as a whole and, therefore, can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to take this into account when replacing or repairing dormers or making them more energy efficient in order to preserve the property’s architectural qualities.

This being the case, careful consideration should be given to whether partial repairs will be sufficient and whether they can be combined with any energy-efficiency solutions.

Often, the greatest effect can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of the window, e.g. using a double casement solution; however, if there is sufficient space to insulate the structure, this should be done. If the dormer cheeks are to be insulated externally, consideration should be given to not pulling the insulation all the way to the front as this would give the dormer an overall heavy, inelegant appearance.

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