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Danish Building Models | 3.0

Welcome to the web portal, where you can find 3D models of multi-storey residential properties and details for buildings from five different time periods. Read about the site’s background and purpose under “About the portal”.

If you are interested in the building techniques behind 150 years of Danish building culture, this web portal is definitely for you – whether you are a student, teacher, designer, craftsman or building owner.
In connection with the models and details in the portal, you will find references to selected literature located on “sister portal” DANSKBYGGESKIK.DK – a very comprehensive reference work containing historical material.

If you have any comments after visiting the the two portals, please send an e-mail to the editors.

The portal is last updated in November 2019.

Grundejernes Investeringsfond, Realdania og Byggeskadefonden