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Dormer repair

Building types 1 and 2: 1850-1920

– as a conservation measure
The dormer forms an essential part of the building’s overall architecture. In addition to providing light to the roof space behind, dormers help to break up and divide large roof surfaces. Where dormers are planned from the outset, there is generally a pleasing harmony between them and the rest of the building. It is important to preserve this harmony.  

Where a dormer in a building without protected status has suffered some deterioration, the general tendency these days is to replace it with a new prefabricated version – usually of a standard design. This can considerably alter the building’s architectural harmony. If, on the other hand, traditional practices are observed in the partial replacement of degraded timber, unique dormers can usually be preserved.  

Conservation films
Two films concerning the work of plumbers and carpenters in the conservation of older dormers are available at

Photos included in the films