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Staircase repair

Building types 1 and 2: 1850-1920

Wooden stair nosings
Stairs form an important part of a building’s function and architecture. The multitude of available stair types is evidence of the long-standing endeavours to achieve the perfect staircase, synthesising functionality and appearance.  

Stairs can be made of many different materials; however most staircases in multi-storey housing up to the 1930s and 40s were made of wood. The job of building and installing a staircase has always been among the foremost disciplines of the carpentry trade. The work requires accurate measurements and a high standard of precision at all stages. Just as there will always be a need for stairs, there will always be a need for skilled carpenters who understand how to create, maintain and renovate the perfect staircase.  

New film
A new film explains in a vivid and informative way the repairing of worn wooden stair nosings, as well as the conditions of the craft itself which are specific to achieving a high quality finish.  

The film is available on the portal:

Photos included in the film / Chroma Communication