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Replacing wall anchors

Building Type 1: 1850-1890

Wall anchors are necessary for binding the facades and storey partitions together and therein ensuring the stability of the building. Wind impact/load on the facade is transferred via the joists and shear wall action therein further down to the foundations. Wall anchors can be hidden inside the facade or left visible on its outside. Visible wall anchors are usually decorative and can indicate the building’s age.  

In earlier building work, blacksmiths were responsible for their design (sometimes in collaboration with the architect/builder) and manufacture, which gave the blacksmith an opportunity to leave his own artistic mark on the visual appearance of the building. Completely decayed wall anchors must be replaced; however, less damaged hand-forged anchors can often be repaired in an attempt to preserve their original appearance.  

Film on the subject has a film showing the forging and replacement of wall anchors as well as the conditions of the trade itself that are specific to achieving a high quality finish.  

Photos: Chroma Communication (in the film) and Jesper Engelmark (below)